FCBD 2020 THE TICK (NEW ENGLAND 2020 1st Print)

FCBD 2020 THE TICK (NEW ENGLAND 2020 1st Print)

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(W) Jeff McClelland (A) Ian Nichols
The Tick is back for his 11th Free Comic Book Day featuring an all-new story by Jeff McClelland and Ian Nichols! The Tick has always been one of the most popular FCBD comics. This year's exciting tale is easily summarized: THE TICK IS POSSESSED BY AN ALIEN PARASITE! How will Arthur, Caped Cod and the other heroes rescue their friend when his Tickly powers are controlled by a CREATURE FROM BEYOND THIS EARTH!?! Don't miss out on this exciting new chapter of one of the longest running independent comic books. SPOOOOOON! Rating: All-Ages

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