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IMPORTANT - SUBaCOMIC It is with huge sadness that we have made the hard decision to close Geek Click Play Ltd t/as SUBaCOMIC. This includes both websites ( and and the Glasgow warehouse. The company has entered Voluntary Liquidation and will cease trading on the 9th June 2023. FAQ * What about my Comic Cart? You may still pay for items reserved in your Comic Cart up to, and including, 8th June 2023. Our sister shop, Peebles Comics and Games (which is NOT closing), has been given permission to ship any orders that have been paid for up to, and including, 8th June 2023. It will not be possible to pay for Comic Carts after that date. By paying for your Comic Cart, you are giving Peebles Comics and Games ("CMX Borders Ltd") permission to use your details to ship the order to you. Please be aware that there may be a small delay (a few days) as the shop is small and may initially have a large number of orders to process. We cannot remove any items from your Comic Cart - it must be paid for in full; however, you are under no obligation to pay for your Comic Cart should you decide not to. * Will anything else be added to my Comic Cart? We will not be receiving any more stock or new releases, so no more items will be added to your Comic Cart. * I've paid for items on - will I get them? YES - If you paid for postage, then your order WILL be shipped to you as soon as possible. If you did not pay for postage, then your will be added to your next Comic Cart parcel. If you do not have another parcel due to you, then you must either contact us at to request a postage invoice or you can request a refund from your credit / debit card provider. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to issue any further refunds. * I've paid for items on the SUBaCOMIC eBay Shop - will I get them? YES - your order WILL be shipped to you as soon as possible. * What's happening to my subscriptions at Peebles Comics and Games may be able to continue a limited number of subscriptions. If you wish to move your subscriptions to Peebles Comics and Games, then please first pay for any outstanding comics in your Comic Cart. Details may be included within your parcel on how to set up a new subscription, depending on availability. If you wish to move your subscription elsewhere, then we recommend approaching "CGC (Comics, Games and Coffee) Emporium": - web: - email: - social media: @cgcemporium * You owe me money / items / a refund, etc - what do I do? Due to the nature of our subscription service, very few (if any) customers will be left "out of pocket". Unfortunately as the company is entering liquidation we cannot under any circumstances issue refunds due to the liquidation process. We strongly advise that you contact either PayPal or your credit / debit card provider to start a charge back claim as soon as possible. We have put a link to some useful information on this below. * I've still got SUBaCOMIC Loyalty Points to use - can I redeem them? The SUBaCOMIC Loyalty Points scheme was discontinued on the 31st March 2023. If you have anything in your Comic Cart to pay for, any remaining points will be automatically redeemed. Otherwise, any remaining points may not be redeemed as no new items will be added to Comic Carts. * I'm waiting for a comic to be returned to me from CGC - what's happening? We will be contacting both you and CGC with an update. Your comics are safe (many already back in London; 2 or 3 still in Florida) - they WILL be returned to you as soon as possible. * I have purchased something and no longer want it - can I request a refund? Due to the company now being in liquidation we are unable to offer refunds under any circumstances. * I am interested in purchasing your back issue stock - who can I contact? Please message us at as soon as possible so we can pass on your details to our liquidator, and no later than 8th June. * Other Important Info If you have any questions that have not been answered above please email us at We would ask that you do not message staff directly and respect their privacy - only message the provided email address above if required. We would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting us since May 2017.

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