BIGGEST BANG #3 (IDW 2016 1st Print) COMIC

BIGGEST BANG #3 (IDW 2016 1st Print) COMIC

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(W) D.J. Kirkbride (A/CA) Vassilis Gogtzilas
Cosmos must stand alone against the dark energy-fueled might of the ancient PENUMBRA! Can he withstand their attacks in his de-powered state? Will Wyan be able to find him in time to help prevent THE COSMIC CHURCH OF THE HALF-GOD's plan for manufactured COSMIC APOCALYPSE, or is she flying into a TRAP? Buckle up and hold on tight, cosmic comic fans-- it's the penultimate chapter of THE BIGGEST BANG!

Bullet points:
" Nominated for the 2010 Eisner Award for Best Publication for Teens

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